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Your Investigation Deserves A Criminal Lawyer

If you have never faced court hearings or investigation process for a criminal defence before, our associate attorneys will represent on your behalf. Our associate lawyers have proper knowledge of criminal prosecution and police investigations. They are aimed to provide you legal support for achieving the desired results. Our legal consultant can help you justify the impression.

Our lawyers are qualified to deal with this multifarious and high-profile case and provide legal advice for our dear clients.

The crimes handled by our criminal lawyers in Dubai are categorized as

  • Misdemeanors crimes
  • Violations or infringements crimes
  • Transgression crimes

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers handles diverse cases

Following are the crimes which our associate attorneys handle:

Commercial crimes

Our associates criminal lawyers in Dubai provides legal assistance to our clients along with risk assessment in dealing with financial crimes such as

  • debt
  • credit card scam
  • unauthorized use of financial property
  • money laundering
  • inducement
  • fraud
Drug Crimes

Our criminal attorney provides legal assistance in criminalities related to drugs such as

  • Personal intake of drugs
  • Own a drug company or product
  • Selling of drugs
  • Transaction of drugs
Fierce crime

UAE has a very low rate of violent crimes therefore it is very difficult for acquiring good lawyers for dealing with fierce crimes. Our law firm provides experienced lawyers who analyse your case and provides you with good legal advice. Violent crimes dealt with by our associate criminal lawyers in Dubai are

  • Physical attack
  • Assassination
  • Abduction and
  • planned or accidental Murder
Theft crimes

Our associate lawyers are expert in dealing with all kinds of theft crimes such as:

  • Simple Theft: results in misdemeanor custody with legal experts
  • Aggravated theft: results in fines, trial, imprisonment without legal experts

Sexual crimes

As sexual crimes offer severe punishment therefore our firm offers experienced and knowledgeable associate lawyers in dealing with unsolicited sexual conduct. The penalties of sexual crimes result in

  • Eviction
  • Charge Penalties
  • Sentence
  • Death penalty
Our Services

Our criminal lawyers in Dubai will assist you if you are suspected of any above crime. Contact our law firm for hiring our associate attorneys who have explicit knowledge in handling cases and provides legal consultancy from investigation to trial. Our associate attorneys will represent your case in the following magistrates:

  • Police stations
  • UAE Courts of First Instance
  • Courts of Cessation
  • Courts of Appeal
  • UAE Federal Supreme Court.
In the end

Our law firm tends to provide customized legal services for the individual client. They are experts in every area that comes under criminal law. They all fully aware of UAE jurisdiction for preceding your case.

So, hire our associate attorneys if you and your loved ones are facing criminal cases.

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