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Writing a will got easier in Dubai

The legal document comprising the testator’s plan related to their property, the receiver’s name, and any personal issue are referred to as a testament or last will. We provide will services in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and other states of the UAE. Our lawyers have vast experience in helping you write your own will, as this is a very difficult task for expatriates. Moreover, we also provide legal advice in writing an effective and legitimate will.

What are the major categories of a will?

  • Simple will: This will can be drafted without the consent of a lawyer because it only requires the distribution of simple property among the family.
  • Joints wills: this will is written by two individuals, so if dies, the will is automatically transferred to the second person. The will cannot be changed if one of them dies.
  • A testamentary trust will:  This will contain a property that you wanted to give to a trust.
  • Living wills: this will is not related to the distribution of assets; rather, it states the way a person needs to be treated when he or she is in a state of serious illness.

Why is a will necessary?

Sometimes a person dies and leaves behind his or her property and assets without drafting a will. In this situation, the property is distributed among the family of the deceased through the respective state law. This will create clashes among the family members over the distribution of property.

Maybe the preference of the deceased person is not similar to that of law. At this stage, the deceased cannot do anything; hence, the family member needs to accept the decision of the court. Therefore, a will is extremely necessary, as this avoids disputes among the families. Our will services in Dubai will help you write a will of your choice easily.

Benefits of registering a will in Dubai with our lawyers

Here are a couple of advantages of hiring professional will services in Dubai:

  • You do not need to apply sharia law in most cases
  • The family of the departed soul is protected by us
  • You are allowed to choose your guardians from your children
  • The bank account under the departed names is secured
Summing up 

Writing a will is not an easy task; hence, our attorney offers will services in Dubai for you that contain legal advice in drafting your will.

You have already gone through an overview of how we help you write wills and what kind of will you can write. So, what are you looking for!! Grasp our services to save your time and money. For further inquiries, to our law firm.

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