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Working States of Legal Representatives: Legal Services

A lawyer is a person who practices law after getting his professional education in the field of law. The lawyer works as an advocate, barrister, solicitor, counselor or attorney. They give their services for their clients. The clients can hire their services when anyone gets stuck in any legal matter. The client’s problem is analyzed and given advice according to the law of Dubai. The lawyers help their client to solve his legal problem and works for the interest of his client.

The requirement to practice the law in Dubai is to get the license from the Dubai government. Only the licensed lawyers can practice and pursue their professional work.

The major areas of work are family law, corporate and commercial law, banking law, labor law, litigation, real estate, transportation, maritime, criminal law and debt collection.

The Advocates in Dubai provide extensive legal services in all branches of commercial codes. These commercial codes include selling, buying, import, export, transportation and security laws and regulations. The lawyers get the relevant experience in working on bank cases. They represent and work on cases against financial institutions. They offer their services and help in concluding contracts, technology communications and banking legislation. They also offer their services to individuals, companies and establishment of UAE government for debt collection. They deal with the debtor effectively and judge their behavior accurately to work efficiently for debt collection. They provide services not only to local but to international industrial and commercial companies. They try to resolve the matter without legal action at initial level. But in case if the matter remain unsolved and debt remain unrecoverable, then the legal case can be sent to Dubai court against debtor. No collection no fee remains a good incentive given by the lawyers working in debt collection field.

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