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Legal Action Against Bounce Cheques: When to Pursue

Debt recovery Dubai, which is referred to as the collection of unpaid debts and payments from the debtor, is very difficult to handle. Several companies in the UAE are facing unpaid debt and invoices issues. Lawyers are needed for recovering debt otherwise it will be written as a bad debt. Therefore, hand over your cases to our associate agency.

This recovery procedure is anticipated by our associate lawyers in Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Zeyd City, and in other states of Dubai. Following are some serious situations that our associates handle with proper strategies:

  • The person who has signed and issued the cheque will only be accountable if someone receives a bounced cheque
  • If a criminal escapes then a case is filed against the company. And if the company’s owner also flees away that strict action is taken against the company and the manager’s name is listed in the wanted list
  • You should keep a copy of the cheque after signing it. Because if any issues arise then you will be liable for it. Moreover, if you are not faulted then the copies will act as evidence.
  • The company should keep track of all unpaid cheques
  • If a criminal is not paying your cheque back even after going to jail then our Debt recovery Dubailawyers will take the case to the civil court.

Our “No win no fee” program 

We offer affordable services for our customers in proportion to what we deliver and provide a “No Win No Fee” facility. According to this if you did not get your debt back we will not charge our fee. The petitioner demonstrating delicate shreds of evidence usually get into this situation. But we try over best to handle every case effectively.


Contacting a lawyer or law firm is considered to be the best way of recovering your debts. We will provide you with the most efficient associate lawyer who is applicable to handle your case. So, handle your case to our associate debt recovery Dubai lawyers as they have extensive knowledge and experience in collecting outstanding debts. If you have further queries contact our law firm.

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