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What it takes to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Dubai?

Divorce lawyers in Dubai will guide you and help you in getting a divorce if you are a UAE citizen. They are familiar with Sharia Law which is mandatory in filing a divorce case. Children are highly affected in such cases therefore, they should be protected in the divorce between partners. Lawyers in Dubai have proper knowledge of handling assets and child’s custody whilst proceeding with the case.

Divorce lawyer for Muslims and Non-Muslims

If the people getting a divorce are from the same religion than the procedure is quite easy. For the non-Muslim emigrants, laws of their religion are applied for divorce. Hence, divorce advocates in Dubai are applicable for handling the divorce of every religion.

Following benefits are obtained from divorce lawyers in Dubai:

·         legitimate legal advice

·         Future Protection

·         Legal documentation services

·         Human right protection

·         Attainment of child custody

·         Settle out parental responsibilities

·         Informal paperwork procedures

·         Amicable settlements in resolving the case

Settling divorce through the Extrajudicial Procedure

Divorce can also be finalized through the mutual consent of the couple. This is done through extrajudicial; procedure which is carried out by divorce lawyers in Dubai. They act as a counsellor and negotiator for settling the case.

1.      Request for registering a divorce case

2.      Couples should submit their Original ID cards, Passport, Marriage certificate.

3.      After getting a date for counselling session couple should be present there on the given date

4.      Discussion done in the session is about child custody, financial future distribution of assets among others and family maintenance

5.      The divorce approved by counsellor when the couple is sync with the agreement

6.      After that, the agreement is presented in the court


Divorce lawyers in Dubai are aware of family law for handling serve matters of divorce. Either you are in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or any other UAE state they assist you in the best way. If you are an immigrant then divorce lawyers will give you proper guidance according to your state’s law for getting a divorce in UAE. Consult your booking earlier and avail of their services.

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