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Utilizing an Online Gratuity Calculator

Gratuity is a very critical kind of investment funds that are present in UAE and are given to the employees of UAE. There are different ways to calculate gratuity according to the condition of the job the person is working in. the gratuity amount varies from job to job. The gratuity also depends upon the type of the organization the person is working in. if the company is a small one, the gratuity pay will also be less and vice versa.

To calculate the gratuity there are special calculators as well as special calculations to calculate the gratuity of a person. You can also find the gratuity calculator Dubai online. All you need is to put the values including your pay and the duration of the job and you will get the calculated gratuity pay.

There are different laws for the gratuity in different countries of the world. Some will pay more and some will pay less.

According to the labor law of UAE, the gratuity is applicable only to the employee who has completed a whole year of his services to the company. The amount is given after the end of his service. Even if the employee has decided to quit the job after completing a year of his job, he will get the privilege of the gratuity. The gratuity calculator in UAE calculates the gratuity with great efficiency without any difficulty. The number of years is also be put on the calculator if you need to calculate the gratuity.

What values do you need to put on the calculator to find out the gratuity pay of the employee online?

Use the basic salary of the employee on the calculator and secondly, put the number of years of the service of the employee.

After putting these values just click on the “CALCULATE” button and you will get the required value in less than a second.

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