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Unjust Termination of an Employee in the UAE

Arbitrary or unfair dismissal is one of the most common forms of injustice that may be inflicted upon an employee. most of the time, it takes place when an employer terminates an employee without a good or particular reason.  Moreover, an employer may also force such an employee to resign without any justifiable reasons.

Employment lawyers in Dubai can help you efficiently and effectively fight such a case. They can help you register a claim to the higher authorities. This can surely give some social as well as financial security in the state.

Condition for the Termination of an Employee Contract

There are certain conditions in which the employer-employee contract can be finished. However, if the employer terminates the contract without mutual consent and these conditions, you must claim to the higher authorities. Below are some conditions under which the contract can be terminated.

  • Specified Terms

The employer must terminate the contract on the specified term of the contract expires. Moreover, it can also happen if the contract is explicitly or implicitly extended by the provisions. Otherwise, the contract between the employer and employee is not diminished mutually.

  • Written Consent

Both parties must agree to the termination of the agreement. Both, the employee and the employer must agree to the specified reason as well as the reason should be true. Moreover, the consent of the writer who is being terminated must be in writing.

If your consent is not in the writing, employment lawyers in Dubai can help file a complaint to the higher authorities.

  • Non-Arbitrary Manner

An employment contract cannot be terminated without an undetermined term. The wish of the employer to terminate the contract between an employer and employee without a specific term will be in an arbitrary manner. Moreover, it will also be considered arbitrary if the employee has not been informed beforehand.

Hence, if an employer you experience any of such conditions which are under an arbitrary manner, you must inform the higher authorities. The legal experts with extensive knowledge can surely help you here. This is highly beneficial for your social security as an employee.


Thus, if you find yourself vulnerable to any such injustice, you should immediately inform the higher authorities. This would preserve your social security and would keep you financially strong. The employment lawyers in Dubai offer these services 24/7 for their clients.

Moreover, they have not confined their services to Dubai only. They also offer their services in Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, and other states of the UAE.

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