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Understanding UAE Labour Law: Termination of Employment

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These days more and more ex-pats are coming to the UAE for jobs. When you decide to get a job in Dubai, it is important to have detailed research on the job market in Dubai. But if you don’t want to do much research, you can always consult the best employment lawyers in Dubai, while sitting in another place. The employment lawyers of Dubai will tell you the job market according to your requirement.

As a national, you might not have too many problems in the job market, but as a foreigner in the UAE, you might be facing several issues of employment because you are not used to that type of culture in the corporate sector. You are lucky enough if you find a good job in Dubai. There are several labor laws made in the UAE to protect the rights of employees and employers.

Article 120 of federal law no.8 of 1980, talks about the termination of employment without giving any notice. Usually, an employee is not terminated in the UAE under a fixed or unlimited contract. There are situations that make immediate termination of the employee.

Sometimes, the employee might be working under a false identity. He might have provided false certificates in order to get a better employment opportunity. The termination can also happen if the employer is not satisfied with the employee during his probation period.

However, sometimes, the employees are caught in fraudulent cases of the companies or any loss made to the employer due to the mistake was done by the employee, the termination is done right away and is informed by the Labour Department within two days.

Sometimes, the workers violated the terms and conditions of safety at work, especially when they are instructed to avoid a few scenarios because it could be hazardous for other workers as well.

But if the employee thinks that he has not done anything wrong, or he is accused wrongly, then he can ask for legal assistance from the best employment lawyers in Dubai to defend his case.


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