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Understanding Travel Ban in the UAE: What You Should Know

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Travel bans can arise from a variety of claims and clauses. Some of these clauses may arise out of legal implications and some may not. An immigration lawyer in Dubai can help you with their credible expertise and knowledge.

Things to Know

Below are some common reasons for the imposition of a travel ban in the UAE. Immigration lawyers can help you with their in-depth knowledge.

  • Travel ban with the force of law

A travel ban is automatically instituted against a person the moment any criminal report is being filed against him or her. The travel ban is being executed by the competent authorities. By issuing the notice of such an order of the court to all the state ports.

The travel ban remains in force until the penal claim is being settled and the final order is executed.

  • Travel ban by a creditor

Article 329 and 330 0f federal civil procedure confers upon a creditor, the right to apply for issuing a travel ban against the debtor. The application can be made by a creditor only when the amount of debt is more than AED 10,000. And when the creditor has sufficient reason to believe that the debtor might flee the country without paying the dues as per the immigration lawyer in Dubai.

  • Travel Ban by a Parent

The mother does not have the right to take a child outside the father’s country without getting a written agreement signed by the guardian of a child, which is by Article 149 of personal affairs law. The law says that a parent can withhold the passports of their children. A conflict can arise if the mother belongs to foreign nationality.

To Finalize

Hence, if you get to experience any of such things, you can seek legal assistance. An immigration lawyer in Dubai have explicit knowledge and expertise with which they can help you. They are available in Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi as well.

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