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Types of Companies to Establish in Ajman: A Guide

Ajman keeps enticing overseas investors day by day with its entire infrastructure services and facilities.  As we all know that the UAE is a tax-free country offering onshore and offshore rights to establish a new company.  It is also great to pay attention when you are looking for a company formation in Ajman.

Both local and overseas entrepreneurs can establish a new company with full pre-planned steps.  There are different types of companies that entrepreneurs can choose according to their interests.  They are required to choose any company type and get it registered with all legal requirements.  Although, these requirements can be a little bit different for residents or foreigner businessmen.

Types of business licenses in Ajman

The overseas investors can establish different types of companies in Ajman according to their business objectives.  Before selecting the company type, an entrepreneur should know about the licenses that the government offers for foreign businessmen.  These licenses are:

  • The professional license
  • The industrial license
  • The commercial license

Available types of companies in Ajman

If the foreign businessmen do not have the right of controlling the companies in onshore then they will have to seek a local partner to establish a company with.  Whereas, they may have foreign ownership in one of the most attractive free trade zones, is Ajman Free Zone.  There are four types of companies that the entrepreneurs may avail for the registration such as;

  • Combined liability corporations
  • Simple authoritative companies
  • Partnerships companies
  • Branch agents

Demands of steps and documents to set up a new company in Ajman;

  • After adopting the type of company, an entrepreneur will have to authenticate the share investment to be deposited.
  • The second step for the company formation in Ajman is to submit the documents to the Trade Register office. The required documents are;
  • The associated articles
  • The license of incorporation if it is needed
  • Authenticated command of attorney
  • Passport copy of the local representative
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