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If you have some commercial or academic documents that need to be recognized in the regions of the United Arab Emirates, you may need to get them attested or notarized.  The notary services in Dubai encompass the preparation of agreements, power of attorney, contracts, articles, memorandum and many other documents that should be prepared for legal purposes.

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There are many companies in the UAE offering high-standard services of attestation or notarization to the residents as well as the entities from all across the world.  Many departments provide legal services with the most intelligent and qualified consultants who make it easy to understand the legal process of notarization and meet the needs of the entities.

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The public notaries somehow are the lawyers who know each and everything about the legal process and documents in details.   The commitment of providing a high quality service of the notary public with their clients is considered as a feature.  Curious about knowing the services of the notary public, a lawyer can give in the UAE; they are many in numbers such as:

  • Stamping the official papers that are accepted by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Preparation of agreements, articles, contracts, and business memorandum. There are also different application forms that need to be filled in both languages Arabic and English and paraphrase into other languages as it is required by the clients.  They can use it in the UAE or any other state they want to.
  • Consultation services to get further information about the notary departments, public execution, law firms and jurisdiction system in the UAE.
  • Preparation of private and general power of attorney in many languages including English and Arabic to get them attested by the notary public in Dubai. They can also get approval of their documents by the consulates or embassies.

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