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The Kafala System and its Purpose

Dubai has developed itself into a high-tech city with so many cultural attractions and visiting sites to attract people all around the world. With this much development, it is still growing and developing itself. So, for this purpose, it requires a workforce and labourers.

The immigration process is not easy for people who are unaware of laws related to immigration. Most of the people require help from immigration lawyers in Dubai to go through the entire process without any difficulty and fewer chances of getting rejected.

Kafala system in the UAE

To maintain the development speed of Dubai, the UAE government is relying heavily on accepting the workforce all over the world. To keep the employers and employees in harmony so that the quality of work won’t spoil, the UAE officials have made a temporary kafala system.

This system involves multiple categories to enforce both workers and employers to follow the rules and regulations to work properly. In case any single law is violated by any party, serious penalties will be faced because labours have their own rights and can take actions accordingly.

  • Economic competition throughout the world

The government of UAE ensures to give employment to both low and high skilled workers based on the work requirements. People are attracted all over the world to get jobs in Dubai’s government, non-government, and semi-government sectors.

Immigration lawyers in Dubai are playing their role in helping people to apply for a job properly to get hired. Each sector has its own perks to compete with the world in an economic war. So, these lawyers will provide complete guidance to their clients in applying for a job.

  • Beware from an employment agency

Employment agencies are taking an unreasonable fee from the immigrants for a visa, which leads people into debts. The UAE has termed this approach as illegal. So, immigration lawyers help guide you without charging any fee for applying for a visa or immigration.

The government has already warned multiple countries that they are expecting more workers to come and work in Dubai about these agencies and their roles. People can seek help from lawyers if the laws are not understandable or difficult.


To give rights to the laborers in Dubai, coming all around the world, the UAE government has developed a kafala system. This is basically a set of rules and regulations that every employee and employer must obey.

Immigration lawyers in Dubai are playing a vital role in helping workforces to understand these laws. These lawyers are also providing their services in other states, including Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and Fujairah.

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