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The Importance of Securing a Competent Lawyer in the UAE

The legislation of the UAE has always protected the rights of Emiratis and expatriates living in Dubai, Ajman, and other emirates. Recent amendments in the legislation of UAE have provided widowed and divorced foreigners the facility of visa extensions.

To avail of this facility, the applicants can get the services of Abu Dhabi lawyers. Since you have to comply with the relevant legislation thus getting legal advice would be helpful. Advocates are not only providing consultancy but they also assist in the complete procedure.


Prerequisites to Apply for Visa Extension

The laws of the UAE have imposed certain conditions for the applicants of visa extension. Before submitting the form, one needs to meet these requirements:

  • Women and children should be sponsored by husband whether she is a widow or divorced
  • The Visa of the women should be valid at the time of application
  • Provide proof of the house availability for women and children
  • Evidence of divorce or death should be provided as per the law
  • Medical fitness certificate of women and children should be submitted
  • Copies of health insurance cards must be provided if required
  • House agreements are required in the name of the widowed or divorces

To assure that all these documents are on par with the legal principles, Abu Dhabi lawyers can assist you. They will complete all the paperwork on your behalf and carry out the judicial proceedings of the matter professionally.


How to get your visa renewed?

One should check the list of rudiments before starting the actual process. It helps compile the required documents beforehand. Afterward, the applicant can apply for a visa extension by filling the form provided by GDFRA.

In the case of divorced women, the official divorce papers are required to be submitted along with the form. Whereas, divorced women should provide a death certificate at this step. Proof of present visa will be required by the authoritative bodies.

Children are only allowed in the country as long as the mother is permitted. A nominal fee is charged by the government entities to precede the application. AED 100 is the fee for a visa extension. Worry not as Abu Dhabi lawyers can carry out the application process on your behalf



Visa extension law is devised to ease the residential worries of widowed and divorced. In case the women are not familiar with the process, lawyers can provide legal guidance in Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and other areas of UAE.

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