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The Duties of Legal Translators in Dubai

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Legal translations become a requirement when someone wants to go abroad for some education, business or personal visit purpose. While applying for abroad, the relevant embassies and departments want the certificates and other documents to be legally translated into the language of the corresponding country. These translations can be done only by the qualified and experienced legal translators in Dubai.

Responsibilities of legal translators in Dubai:

  1. Reading and analyzing the source text
  • .      Converting the source text in the target text using the text        language using the proper language, grammar, syntax, sentence formation.
  •      Proof reading of target text
  •      Editing the target document in order to ensure 100% accuracy.
  •      Signing the documents by the authorized person.

Different types of document need legal translations. These documents include education certificates, school and college degrees, professional degrees, experience certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificate, death certificate, contracts, power of attorneys, personal will, letters, medical reports, bills, financial reports, bank statements etc. Different fields need services of legal translators. The areas covered by most of the legal translation service providers include medical, financial, media, website, and educational, legal and general translations.

The legal translators Dubai cannot start working unless they get certified by the concerned department in Dubai. Legal translators pay special attention to each translation in order to keep their client away from legal problems. Use of right legal terminologies and grammar of target text gives better results in legal translations. Special attention is paid to the sentence formation in legal translation so that the meaning of target document remains similar to source document’s meanings. High standard of legal translation can only be achieved when different factors are combined. These factors are the best technology usage, right use of legal terms, time management and quality management.

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