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What Are Legal Cases?

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Legal cases typically undergo resolution through a court or another government-regulated legal process. These cases fall into two primary categories: civil and criminal, each involving an accuser/plaintiff and a defendant.

Civil Cases

Civil cases, also referred to as lawsuits, involve a plaintiff filing a complaint against someone. The plaintiff informs the court about the alleged harm they have suffered due to the actions of the defendant and requests a specific remedy. This remedy can take the form of a monetary settlement, a restraining order, or similar measures.

A judge presides over the case and determines the prevailing party, as well as the most appropriate remedy if the plaintiff prevails. In some regions, for the sake of expediency and cost-efficiency, certain critical or minor cases are referred to arbitration instead of undergoing lengthy trials, as trials can extend for weeks or even months, making arbitration a preferred alternative.

Criminal Case

Conversely, in the realm of criminal cases, individuals stand accused of committing various criminal activities. These cases typically span several months to years, contingent on the presented evidence. In such situations, the expertise of a criminal defense attorney is invaluable.

Certain countries or jurisdictions offer defendants the option of entering into a plea bargain. This entails defendants reaching an agreement with the prosecutor, wherein they may plead guilty or opt for a no-contest plea in exchange for the dismissal of one or more charges or a reduction to a less severe offense.

What is GDRFA?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) shoulders the responsibility of overseeing the affairs of foreign nationals within the United Arab Emirates. Their jurisdiction extends to the entry and departure of individuals from other nationalities.

Currently, they hold the esteemed status of being one of the world’s leading port and border directorates. They have effectively discharged their crucial duties, earning a commendable reputation. Their exemplary service in assisting foreign individuals in resolving legal issues in the UAE has fostered strong relationships, grounded in the principles of UAE law, as the foundation for their decisions and solutions.

What is the Government’s Verdict?

According to a senior official from the GDRFA department in Sharjah, the UAE government has decided to permit individuals with legal cases in the UAE to sponsor their families to come to the country.

Visa Status Legalization and Modification

Individuals who are currently staying in the UAE illegally and have legal cases must take the initiative to regularize their family’s visa status before applying for any status modifications. This action should be completed before the conclusion of the amnesty period, which is set to end on October 1, 2018. Following the regularization of their visa status, they can address their legal cases or any outstanding obligations by paying fines or addressing violations. In the case of certain legal matters, these should be addressed immediately after the modification of the visa status.

It is important to note that, while families are allowed to legally reside in the UAE, any ongoing criminal cases will still be subject to UAE law.

Accelerating Service Delivery

The UAE government consistently excels in expediting service delivery to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

To combat overcrowding, they have embraced electronic transactions, optimizing their systems for efficiency and speed. Daily progress checks are in place to ensure continuous improvement and prevent any setbacks.

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