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Compensation for Delayed Real Estate Handover

Navigating Real Estate Investment Concerns in Dubai

Investing in real estate or under-construction projects often comes with apprehensions about unmet promises and possession delays. However, the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority has significantly eased these concerns by implementing strict regulations and policies. This has led to a more standardized real estate industry, prioritizing the protection of buyers’ interests. If a developer fails to deliver property on time, buyers have the legal right to seek redress, including filing claims against the developer.

Addressing Possession Delays and Claiming Compensation

This guide aims to answer questions about possession delays in real estate transactions, particularly focusing on compensation buyers can claim from builders or developers in the UAE.

What to Do in Case of Delayed Property Delivery

If a builder fails to meet the delivery date of a property as outlined in your purchase contract, you are entitled to challenge the developer. Being a property investor, you possess certain rights, including seeking solutions to such breaches. The UAE authorities accept complaints in these scenarios, and in specific cases, you may initiate arbitration proceedings. However, before taking any action, it’s crucial to consult with real estate lawyers in the UAE. This will help you understand your options and determine the most effective course of action to safeguard your interests.

Precautionary Measures Before Signing Contracts

It is advisable to have any contract with your developer legally reviewed before signing. Conducting due diligence on the developer’s registration and the project is also essential. This can be efficiently done through property lawyers in the UAE, ensuring that all legal aspects are thoroughly checked and your investment is secured.

Understanding RERA and Its Role in Dubai’s Real Estate Market

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in Dubai serves as a government entity dedicated to regulating the real estate industry. RERA’s primary goal is to provide relief and protection to buyers and investors from the malpractices of unscrupulous developers. It establishes standards and norms for property development and construction, aiming to increase transparency in real estate transactions.

Buyer’s Rights Under RERA

Key Rights of Buyers

As a buyer in the UAE real estate market, your fundamental rights, in line with UAE laws and the agreement with the developer, include:

  • Timely Possession Handover: Receiving the property on the mutually agreed date.
  • Transfer of Title and Ownership: Ensuring legal ownership is transferred as per the agreement.
  • Adherence to Agreed Progress Plan: The property should be developed according to the agreed plan.
  • Meeting Construction Requirements: The property should meet the construction standards as agreed upon.

General Provisions Under RERA

  • In the case of false promises by builders, if there is a discrepancy between what the developer promised and what is delivered, the buyer has the right to claim full compensation for the project, including interest.
  • Post-Delivery Defects: Any structural defects identified within a set timeframe after property delivery must be rectified by the developer at no cost to the buyer.
  • Delays in Delivery: If the developer fails to complete the project by the agreed completion date, the buyer can choose to withdraw from the project and is entitled to a full refund. Alternatively, if the buyer opts to continue with the project, they are entitled to compensation for the delay in the handover.
  • Title Defects: Buyers can claim compensation for any defects in the title, and these claims are not subject to limitation periods.

These provisions under RERA ensure that buyers’ interests are safeguarded and developers are held accountable for their commitments.

Penalties for Delayed Property Possession Under RERA

Determining Compensation for Delayed Handover

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is responsible for determining the compensation builders must pay for delays in property handovers. When a developer fails to deliver possession by the contractually agreed date, buyers are presented with two options. They can either terminate the contract and seek compensation or continue with the construction project and claim reimbursement for the delay.

Options for the Buyer in Case of Delay

  • Terminating the Contract: If a buyer chooses to withdraw from the project due to delay, the builder is obligated to refund the entire amount paid by the buyer for the property, along with interest.
  • Continuing with the Project: Should the buyer decide to proceed with the project despite delays, they are entitled to claim interest for the period of delay until the property is eventually handed over.

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Procedure for Claiming Compensation

  • Filing a Complaint with RERA: In instances where the property developer does not voluntarily compensate the buyer, the buyer has the right to file a complaint with RERA.
  • RERA’s Role in Resolution: Upon receiving a complaint, RERA appoints an officer to function as a judge. This officer conducts an inquiry into the matter and subsequently issues an order. The decision will determine whether the buyer is entitled to interest on the money spent due to the delay.

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This framework ensures that buyers have a clear course of action in cases of delayed possession, and developers are held accountable for their commitments. RERA plays a crucial role in resolving these disputes and ensuring fair compensation is awarded where due.

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