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Rules and Regulations for the Debt Collectors

The debt collection Dubai has a law on which the debt collectors can act or practice accordingly. There are various limitations and boundaries for debt collectors to follow while interacting with debtors. For debtors, there can be many reasons that they have to face a debt collector for debt recovery including mortgages, service bills, credit cards, and medical bills. These bills, as well as debts in different forms, turn up all the time.
However, many of you might be facing job loss and floundering to get a new job. In this situation, the bills increase and you start receiving different phone calls from the creditor or the third party members. Though, debt collectors are bound to practice some restricted rules. These rules and regulations are mentioned below;
  1. Debt collectors are bound not to discuss the clients’ cases in front of their family members including spouses.
  2. They are restricted to not discussing clients’ cases with the lawyers as well.
  3. They can’t use abusive language to harass the debtors.
  4. Lying or creating incorrect statements is also prohibited for debt collectors.
  5. Threatening the debtors by saying to send them to jail, if they don’t pay the debt, is illegal.
  6. They can’t seize debtors’ wages or assets.
  7. Showing illegal documents or papers that in reality do not belong to the court or the state law.
The debt collectors can take only legal actions against the debtors that including a lawsuit. Yes, a lawsuit is considered a legal action that the debt collector can practice for debt recovery. When a debt collector claims that you owe a debt that is required to pay back to the creditor needs to give you this information as well.
  • Proper info about the creditor with name, company name, location, etc.
  • The exact amount you owed
  • Allows you to make an argument
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