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Rideshare Accidents: What to Do and How to Seek Legal Help

Rideshare apps like Uber are growing exceptionally popular, especially in busy cities. However, drivers’ roles as independent contractors for the transportation companies make it hard to tell where your recovery will come from. Lawyers in Sharjah can help you here with their expertise and extensive knowledge in such cases.Rideshare Accidents: What to Do and How to Seek Legal Help

  • Collect Driver’s Information

Uber and Lyft drivers’ identities are protected in the app. Usually, when you book rideshare you will only have a picture of your driver and their first name. However, that’s not enough to file a lawsuit after an Uber accident.

When a car accident happens, don’t rely on the app entirely. Insist on taking pictures of every driver’s operating license and vehicle license plate. That way you will have the information you need if it turns out you or one of your fellow Uber passengers need to file an insurance claim or lawsuit later on.

  • No Claims When Off the Clock

The authorities require rideshare companies to maintain excellent insurance companies to cover their drivers. But those policies only apply while the Uber and Lyft drivers are on the clock. If the driver was not working at the time of the crash, anyone injured will have the same options.

The options are the same as the other driver where there is no rideshare involved as observed by lawyers in Sharjah.

  • No-Fault Insurance for the Passengers

Residents and drivers can choose whether to purchase a no-fault or liability insurance policy. No-fault insurance covers that person’s injuries up to a cap no matter who caused the accident. If you had a no-fault insurance policy when you got into the Uber car accident.

You will need to turn to your insurance first, before looking to the drivers or the rideshare company.


Therefore, if you experience such an issue, it is better to seek legal help immediately from lawyers in Sharjah. They offer their services in Ajman, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi as well.

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