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Registration And Rights of Employees Concerned To Labor Law

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This piece of writing shall elaborate on the employer’s duties concerning registration of employees and the rights of employees after the termination of their labor contracts in the UAE and got processed by Labor advocates in Dubai.

Work permit and visit visa

In broad terms, all emigrant employees who desire to work in the UAE must be engaged by an accurately licensed and approved company. The employees must be issued with an entry permit for employment purposes, which will be termed as a labor card also known as work permit and a residence visa. Some employees do not identify their rights upon the termination of their employment contracts, so the issue has to be carefully considered. You can get assistance from our professional Labor lawyers in Dubai.

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Act in accordance with with the Law

Employment relations in the private sector in the UAE are administered and synchronized by Federal Law No. 8. Utilizing foreign workers in the UAE involves fulfilling positive registration procedures such as residence visas. If an employee doesn’t have work permission and/or company protection, article 13 of the Labor Law compels the employer employing a foreigner to acquire permission and/or company sponsorship from the Ministry of Labor. The Labor Law is defensive of employees in general and takes over from contradictory contractual provisions agreed under another jurisdiction unless they are helpful to the employee. In addition, this rule is appropriate to the Free Zones taking into a relation that there is no work permit.

Probation Period and seven rights

It is significant to note that any terms of the labor contract are unacceptable if it either disagrees with the UAE labor law or conflicts with the public interest. These terms can narrate to the establishment of the probation period, gratuity, notice period, salary or any punishment applied to the employee. According to the Federal Law No.8 of the year, the 1980 trial period cannot go beyond six months.

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