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Recovering Funds from Bounced Cheques in the UAE

Some people write checks because they like the lag time it gives them to get the money in the account. Of course, some people write checks knowing that they will bounce. In such a case, it is quite important to seek legal assistance from debt collection Dubai agencies.

These agencies comprise of the most expert team that has explicit knowledge and vast experience. They know how to deal with their customers and prioritize them over everything.

Ways to Collect Bounced Cheques

Below are some effective ways to collect bounced checks in the UAE. It is better to know this before going for the actual process. Moreover, it is advised to have legal assistance and support along.

  • Cheque on Funds

If you do accept a bad cheque, call the bank it was written on before attempting to redeposit. Sometimes, people miscalculate and accidentally write a cheque before they have the right funds. If the funds are available, you can redeposit immediately.

  • Talk to the Customer

If this is your first bad check from a customer, you may want to assume the best and pick up the phone. Have a polite and respectful conversation with the customer. He or she may be pretty embarrassed to have written a bad check. Most importantly, be prepared to accept payment via credit card or an alternative electronic method over the phone.

If you cannot reach the customer by phone, do not leave a message. If you want to escalate the situation, send a letter requesting payment within a time frame with the help of a debt collection Dubai agency.

  • Consider Cheque Recovery

Check recovery services are usually free to the business. It is because the call centers are funded by the state-mandated fee that you’re entitled to charge the check writer for writing a bad check. A check recovery service may monitor the check writer’s account daily.

That way they know when the account has sufficient funds and they can redeposit the check at the right time.

Final Remarks

Hence, if you experience such a problem in your business, you must seek legal help. Debt collection Dubai agencies can offer legal assistance throughout the UAE. They are available in Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

These agencies have experts who have advanced knowledge and current updates. This can keep you from all the troubles in the future. Moreover, they handle their clients well.

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