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Notary public Dubai is mention able by having a good relationship with the UAE government. Furthermore, the highlighted feature is the responsiveness, precision and excellent customer service offered to the clients. Notary public services Dubai is licensed by the Government of Dubai to offer Private Notary Services. We possess licensed and authorized attorneys who deliver private notary services to the clients all over the UAE. Apart from offering services in the UAE, we have developed the infrastructure which assists in providing services all over the globe.

Notary Public Dubai comprises a wide assortment of legal document attestations such as power of attorney, Memorandum of Association, Academy certificates, endorsement of signature, sales and purchase agreement, legal notices, job offers, etc.

Notary Public  usually delivers services in a short span of time with utmost dedication. The main objective to provide high value to respected clients.

Highlighted Features:

Notary public services Dubai have a mindset that the growth of our business depends upon serving our clients in a better manner. Our practices have been premeditated to be dissolute, efficient and as easy for you. One of the techniques we have modernized our services is by focusing on electronic transactions and attestations. As a result, our clients can get attestation at the same time.


A notary is a person who owns the knowledge about various capacities of law. Usually, they are licensed by the government to offer services in alignment with the law. Considering the demand for notarization, Notary public services Dubai is delivering exceptional services to satisfy the needs of the clients. Notary Public Dubai is offering services throughout

the UAE.

The only ones that are permissible to notarize documents are public officials.

They make sure that the person signing the documents has the knowledge about what they are signing on and what it is for without being enforced to do so. Such services can be delivered to UAE residents who are in need of it. Notary public services Dubai is offering tailored services to the clients across the UAE.

Notarization of Documents:

Notarization of documents is done for all those who want the authenticity of the papers. Once the documents are notarized, it assures that no fraudulent activity was done in the documents. There are specific documents that are typically notarized through Notary public service Dubai. The services charges are affordable by the clients. The documents notarized by Notary public services in Dubai are as follows:

Power of Attorney:

A power of attorney is a written approval for an individual to act on someone else’s behalf with regard to matters stated in the power of attorney. Notary Public Dubai is capable and experienced in providing this service with high value.

Academy Certificate:

Academy certificate is commonly required in companies to submit a proof of the educational achievements of their employees. Notarizing it will demonstrate that the document is true.

Memorandum of Association:

This is usually used in the formation of new business. It is a legal document that illustrates the relationship between the shareholders. In the course of the registration process of a company, this document is made. The aim of this document is to describe the association of the limited liability company and the shareholders.

Job Offer:

This document elucidates an invitation for a job to someone. This document possesses the title of the position, salary, job description, work hours, date of start, and other related factors that the employer believes imperative to be stated in the job offer. Notary Public Dubai has extraordinary skills in providing this service to value the clients.


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