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Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the wealthiest and the most prosperous Emirates in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East. It is the financial hub of the state and known for its impressive skyscrapers and shopping Malls. Every year thousands of tourists travel to Abu Dhabi and a paradise for the investors.

Legal Services in Abu Dhabi

We have a strong presence in Abu Dhabi UAE as a lawyer and law firm marketing agency. Our associate lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Law firms UAE provide full legal services to local and international clients. We are in a strong bond of relationship with civil lawyers, family lawyers, labour lawyers, property lawyers and litigation lawyers in Abu Dhabi UAE.


Our associate lawyers provide law services in the following areas having more than ten years’ experience and professional approach towards law.

  1.    Civil law
  2.    Criminal law
  3.    Labour law
  4.    Litigation law
  5.    Family law
  6.    Property la

It is essential to keep peace and harmony in society for any state to provide the fundamental rights of safety to its citizens and the people who reside in the country. Abu Dhabi has a perfect judicial system to ensure the safety of the people.

Civil Law

The civil law of Abu Dhabi have stricken of the rules and regulations to stop any illegal activity in the state regarding the civil rights of the people. Civil law defines the rights of the individual as well as of the community. The purpose of civil law is to resolve conflicts among individuals. Legal matters that fall under the jurisdictions of civil law are bounced cheque, legal contracts, defamation, harassment, property matters, Family law and prohibited acts against civil rights.

Our associate lawyers and legal consultants provide quality services of civil law in Abu Dhabi.

They resolve hundreds of civil law cases every year through dealing with a professional mechanism.

Criminal Law

Criminal law defines acts that are prohibited by the state. The commitment of actions that is harmful to individuals, property, and welfare of society, health, and safety. Criminal law deals with such cases as drunken driving, carrying of illegal weapons, drugs, murder, robbery, rape, and white-collar crime and many more.

The laws are stringent, and the vision of the state is evident to deal with such cases with an iron hand and zero tolerance. Criminal lawyers in Abu Dhabi provide legal assistance in these cases to defend their clients in courts.


Litigation and Arbitration Law


Litigation law gives the right to file a lawsuit in court. Litigation law defines rules to sue an individual or organization against involving in a prohibited activity. Well, it is the priority of our associate lawyers to settle the things with arbitration and legal negotiations. Our associate law firms have an excellent team of litigation and arbitration lawyers.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is concerned with property matters such as estate inheritance, acquisition of property, transfer of ownership and many more real estate related issues.

Family Law

Family law is a set of rules to define the legal rights of couples and resolve domestic issues. Family law is related to divorce, child adoption, child custody, domestic violence, and child abuse.

Family matters are compassionate and demand proper care to deal with it. Our associate Family lawyers in Abu Dhabi ensure the secrecy of such issues. Our team of legal experts negotiates with both the parties to settle the things peacefully.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is the branch of law that deals with the copyrighting and patents of properties. Our Intellectual property Advocates deals copyrights, patents, trademark, and data security issues.

Tax Law

For any legal help regarding tax law such as tax returns, income tax, and business income tax, our lawyers will give you a brief consultation and properly guide you.

Labor Law

Labour law is related to the matters of labour and workforce. Labour law settles the legal issues between employers and employees. Labour law deals with the following things.

  • Wages
  • Legal contracts
  • Working hours
  • Payments
  • Labour disputes

These are the significant areas of law in which Dubai lawyers provide competent legal advisers and legal consultation in Abu Dhabi UAE. You can approach us without any hesitation for the legal help in any legal matter.

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