Criminal Lawyers In Dubai

Criminal Law in UAE covers many provisions acquired from Islamic Sharia Law. This is vital for a
Criminal Lawyers in Dubai to understand the Islamic Sharia Law Provisions with International Criminal Law
system so he could effectively deal with the UAE Criminal Law system. UAE Criminal Law covers
every aspect of crime e.g. Finical Crimes, Violation, Sexual Abuse, Human Rights Violation, Forgery,
Drinking, Breach of Trust and many more.

Our Criminal Defence Attorneys of Advocates & Legal Consultants represent the clients in Police
Station, Public Prosecution, Court of First Instance, Court Of Appeal, Court of Cassation and Federal
Supreme Court. Our Criminal Litigation Services are presented to all the clients whether they are
offended or accused. From Legal Advice to Legal Service, our Civil Lawyers guides you in every aspect
by fully consuming their high-profile professional skills.

The Expertise of Our Criminal Lawyers in Dubai is Available for Every Criminal Case Including:


It is an offence that includes deception. The act of fraud, under UAE law, is the act of acquiring or
getting, through fraudulent means, money, moveable goods, or immovable real property that is
owned by another person. Those suspected or found fraudulent, have to convince the victim to
surrender the money, goods, or property to the offender. While deception is an essential feature of
fraud, it is not adequate in and of itself to found the offence.

Human Right Violation

Our lawyers cover all the critical aspects of human rights e.g freedom of expression, Detainee Abuse,
Torture, and Mistreatment of Detainees, Migrant Workers rights, Women's Rights, Sexual
Orientation and Gender Identity.

Bounced Cheque

In UAE, the cheque bounce is a very recurrent issue faced by people during their span in the country.
It is enclosed under the purview of a criminal offence, and legal implications/penalties can be
financially severe and daunting. Bounced cheque issues may arise in a diversity of commercial
transactions, including but not restricted to, companies' exchanges, bank loans, property rents or
purchases and individual transactions.To solve this issue, our expert and experienced lawyers
provide beneficial solutions under the umbrella of UAE law.

Financial Crimes

We deal with all the categories of financial crimes and make sure to recover the amount.

Public Office Offense

Misconduct in public office is a crime at common law triable only on an accusation. It conveys a
maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It is an offence restricted to those who are public office
holders and is committed when the office holder acts (or fails to act) in a way that constitutes a
breach of the duties of that office.

Tax Evasion

1-Tax evasion is the use of unlawful means resulting in the reduction of the amount of the tax due

Bank Loan, Credit Card Frauds

More than a quarter of UAE inhabitants have been hit by credit card fraud yet many cardholders still
take minimal protections to protect themselves against theft
1-Conspiracy, Absconding, Insolvency
3-Wrong use of Power

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime involves obtaining or publishing information of others without authorization, Gaining
information of the government, or of institutions working in the State without permission, accessing
a website for the intention of harming it, prohibiting others from using it, hindering communication
between people or tapping their calls or messages, using technology with the intent to obligate or
conceal a crime, plagiarizing websites of others, Abolishing or disabling another electronic system or
suspending e-mails, Attaining the password of an information system.

Domestic Violence And much more

Legal Consultants offers Criminal Law services in every single emirate of UAE including Dubai, Abu
Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah. Our Criminal Law Attorneys facilitate the Clients
from Police Station to Final Judicial Declaration. So for Criminal lawyers in Dubai; we are the best platform.

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