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Obtaining a UAE Affidavit of Support and Guarantee


An Affidavit of Support and Guarantee is a critical document in the UAE, especially for expatriates and residents dealing with visa applications or sponsoring family members. This legally binding statement ensures that the sponsor can support the visa applicant financially during their stay in the UAE. Understanding how to properly prepare and obtain this affidavit is essential for meeting legal requirements and ensuring a smooth residency or visitation process.

Understanding the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee

An Affidavit of Support and Guarantee attests that the sponsor assumes financial responsibility for a visitor or resident, typically a family member, during their stay in the UAE. This document is often required for family visa applications, student visas, and sometimes for business sponsorships, ensuring that the sponsored individual has adequate support without becoming a financial burden on the state.

The affidavit must comply with UAE legal standards, including the sponsor’s full legal name, contact details, and a statement of financial commitment. It should also state the relationship to the applicant, the purpose of the stay, and the duration of support. Legally, the sponsor must demonstrate the capability to support the applicant, usually evidenced through salary certificates, bank statements, or employment contracts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an Affidavit

  1. Start with Personal Information: Include the full legal names, addresses, and identification details of both the sponsor and the beneficiary.
  2. Statement of Support: Clearly state the intention to support the visa applicant, specifying the duration and scope of the support.
  3. Financial Information: Detail the financial means through which support will be provided, attaching supporting documents.
  4. Legal Attestations: Include statements of truth, confirming the accuracy of the information provided under penalty of perjury.

Obtaining the Affidavit: The Process

To obtain an affidavit, the sponsor must draft the document according to UAE legal standards and then have it notarized. This typically requires visiting a licensed notary or a legal advisor who can verify the identity of the sponsor and the authenticity of the document. Relevant documents such as ID cards, proof of income, and residency status in the UAE might also be required.

Use and Validation of the Affidavit in the UAE

Once drafted and notarized, the affidavit needs to be legalized for use in the UAE. This may involve additional stamps from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the embassy of the applicant’s home country, depending on the context. The document should then be presented as part of the visa application process or any legal proceedings requiring proof of financial support.


The Affidavit of Support and Guarantee is a powerful document that facilitates various legal and immigration processes in the UAE. Ensuring that it is correctly drafted and legally recognized is paramount. For those unfamiliar with UAE law, consulting with a legal expert is strongly recommended to avoid any complications. With careful preparation and understanding, sponsors can ensure that their affidavit meets all required standards and effectively supports their commitments.

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