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Types of Notary in Sharjah

What is Notary?

In simple words, we can say that an authorized person is assigned by the government to approve documents like deeds, wills, marriage certificates, etc. Notary or sometimes called a notary public. It is the responsibility of a notary to verify and validate a legal document. The notary should be a neutral person who will work in the public interest. He should not be prejudiced against any person, religion, sex, or cast which can never be tolerated. 


Some of the documents that need a sign of a notary or witness are the power of attorney, legal documents, wills, and property deeds. All these documents must be signed and witnessed by an authorized person. The purpose of a notary is to avoid fraud in legal documentation. 

Types of Notary in Sharjah

 Notary public Sharjah is a public officer who acts as a legal witness of documents. He signed documents and put a stamp on the documents which are official recognition that the legal document is verified and original. It is the responsibility of an authorized person to examine the provided document is original and avoid any kind of fraud. They also provide further services of writing oath papers, declaration of statutory, and deeds. Infect different duties are assigned in jurisdictions of law in different countries

Private Notary in Sharjah

 It is the initiative of the United Arab Emirates government to allow law firms that are regulated by the government of UAE to allow them for working as notaries. It is part of the reforms made by the state to provide ease of service to its community.

All private notaries are connected online with courts in Dubai. The process of notary services and activities that are associated with it are simplified. Now you can get services of a law firm which are permitted by the government to provide notarization


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