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Negotiation Tips for Settling Debt in the UAE

Debt collection is the process of recovering due payments from a debtor. This process is carried out in a debt collection agency. Our debt collection Dubai provides a platform where associate lawyers will legally collect your debt from the borrower.

We offer reliable services for dealing with debt consolidation. An amicable settlement requires negotiation among the disputed parties. In the case of bounced cheque, negotiation is appreciated by our lawyers as it is beneficial for both the debtor and the creditor.

Settling the Debt Issues

We prefer to settle the debt outside the court so that the debtors who are not able to pay debts refrain from going bankrupt. This requires negotiation among creditors and debtors, where both parties negotiate on a mutually agreed-upon decision. It is better to appoint a dispute lawyer to improve your stance.

Our associate lawyers for debt collection Dubai will convince the creditor to decrease the debtor amount. Debtors usually do not agree with this process as they do not want to lose their money but still, some of them get convinced by the lawyer. Hence, during negotiation, the debtors should give a valid reason to the creditor for reducing the debt amount.

Eight negotiation tips which you should know for debt collection Dubai

  1. The debtor should be informed about Debt
  2. Before the negotiation, a legal notice is sent to the debtor which claims overdue payments by the creditor.
  3. The debtor can ask for proof and once you receive the proof, start negotiations
  4. The debtor should provide a genuine reason to settle the debt
  5. The offers to settle debt should be Realistic
  6. You may offer installment procedure
  7. Make a counter-offer
  8. Write the agreed-upon terms for the record

Our “No win no fee” Plan

Suppose you did not get your cheque back! We know this is a very difficult thing to imagine but no one can predict the future. Well, we have a little benefit for you in this need of the hour that is “No win no fee”. This means that if you lose, we will not charge you our fee. We are concerned about your loss. We hope this may lower your stress in this difficult situation.

Wrapping up the context

You have gone through all the detailed procedures of how to get your money back. Even though the process is complex but our associate lawyers are expedient in handling it. Our associate lawyers are very technical in managing debt collection cases. You must contact the agency as soon as possible to avoid further disputes.

So, what are you looking for? Contact our law firm and save your time and money.

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