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Navigating Through Rental Disputes in the UAE

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Among some of the most common legal disputes in the world especially in UAE, the rental dispute is one of the most prevalent issues. One of the main reasons for rental disputes is the low cost of maintenance and the high rental income. The Dubai Lawyers  are there for your assistance and legal guidance if you experience such a dispute.

Common Reasons for Rental Disputes

Below are some common reasons for rental disputes in the UAE.

  • Rise in Rent

Although the rise in rent is often mentioned in the contract, there are serious disputes on this matter. The tenant is never happy about the fact that the rent are rising. If the rise in rent was not mentioned in the contract before binding it, the tenant is not supposed to pay the increased amount to the landlord.

However, if the landlord told the tenant beforehand, then the tenant is ought to pay the landlord that amount.

  • Maintenance Failure

Another prevailing cause of rental disputes in the UAE is the failure of maintenance of the rented property. The tenant may face several issues due to poor maintenance and might have to maintain it on their own. As per rules, the landlords are supposed to maintain the quality of the rented property.

However, if they don’t, you are free to contact Lawyers in Dubai since they are efficient in resolving such issues.

  • Late Rent Deposit

This is yet another cause for the rental disputes in the UAE. The tenant due to some financial issues is unable to pay the rent on time. Moreover, the tenant can be a procrastinator as well with whom it is not right to negotiate.

In such a case, the landlord may seek legal assistance.

To Finalize

Therefore, if you face such a problem either as a tenant or a landlord, it is advised to seek legal assistance from Lawyers in Dubai. They provide their services in Ajman, Fujairah, and Dubai as well.

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