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Maximize Your End of Service Benefits: Calculate Gratuity in the UAE

As indicated by UAE law everyone who is working for at least one year in a company should get gratuity according to the prescribed criteria. One should meet all the requirements to get the gratuity. Any worker who has relentlessly worked in an organization is allowed to get compensation at the end of his service. The gratuity calculated for a person who is terminated differs from the one who quits the job on his own. Absentees from work will not be counted in calculating the benefit for the employee.

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Employees working in Dubai can calculate their gratuity themselves if they know the basic formula to calculate it. Employees should be well aware of this issue and must calculate their gratuity to get the right amount from the organization at the end of their service. Gratuity Calculator UAE can be used by any person to calculate his expected gratuity which is typically a small portion of his yearly pay. Any person or employee who has at least worked for a year in any company or organization is eligible to get gratuity at the end of his service.

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Employees who have worked for more than 5 years in any organization are legally bound to get gratuity at the end of their work. Labour laws of UAE have clear instructions about when and how a gratuity can be obtained from the company or organization where you have served your time.

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