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Divorce: Legit Property Partition

A rise has been observed in the number of divorce cases in the United Arab Emirates. Apart from the local community, immigrants are also filing divorce cases in a huge numbers. In this scenario, they do not have an idea about splitting their assets, especially joint ones. In this course of action, their children are the ones who suffer a lot.

Our associate Property lawyers in Dubai are capable of drafting agreements that are beneficial to all the individuals struggling for assets. Therefore, the husband and wife should not worry about dealing with property and custody while filing a divorce.

Handling Mutual Property and Asset Distribution

following scenarios can help you understand the law for dealing with assets in case of divorce between emigrant couples:

  • If a divorced couple has an asset under the wife’s name and the wife died, then assets are handled through the will she drafted before.
  • UAE law of inheritance is an alternative to the above case if the wife has not drafted the will.
  • The property, which was developed by the husband but it is entitled under the name of wife, is handled legally. They can also agree on the mutual terms before filing the divorce case.
  • The will (indicating joint ownership) drafted by the couple is canceled following the divorce. However, they can hire property lawyers in Dubai to prove the ownership of their assets. In the case of no will, sharia law is implemented.

Recommendations for Kids of Divorced Couple

Children are the ones who suffer a lot from the separation of their parents. Therefore, the guardianship of children should be properly planned before proceeding with a divorce. Couples should consider subsequent points to avoid disputes:

  • If the wife decided to remarry, the children from the second marriage will not be entitled to the assets. Only the children from 1st marriage have right on those assets.
  • Alternatively, the children from the first marriage have no rights on assets acquired from the second marriage.
  • According to UAE law, the custody of the child is legally given to the father after the divorce.

To Sum Up

 We provide associate lawyers who have trained property lawyers in Dubai. Our main concern is the satisfaction of clients. Either you are in Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, or any other city; our associate property lawyers are always there to help you.

Once you hand your case to our associate lawyers, there will be no need to be worried about handling the assets. We will take care of your concerns and come up with some practical recommendations. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us through email or call us at our official landline number.

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