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Legal System Regarding Property in the UAE

The UAE, and in particular Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been popular areas for British ex-pats to live and work in for several years. Often for financial institutions or in the oil and security sectors.

Property lawyers in Dubai provide specialist advice on UAE law including bespoke property law advice to prospective buyers. And investors in the process of buying a property in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. Our team includes lawyers with extensive experience working on legal matters abroad.

The Legal System in the UAE

The legal system in the UAE is very different from that which most foreign investors are used to and the laws are very different. The legal system in the UAE is partly based on Shariah law. This applies to all family law cases and also on inheritance.

It also has jurisdiction over certain criminal matters such as adultery and alcohol consumption. People planning to live and work in the UAE should familiarize themselves. And respect their local laws to avoid unnecessary disputes.

The authorities will prosecute someone for breaking UAE law. Even if it’s legal in the UK, such as drinking alcohol without a permit.

  • Buying Property in the UAE

Buying existing property in the UAE is not too dissimilar to buying a property in the UK. You generally use an agent to find and view potential properties. Then, once you’ve found the one you like, you make a formal offer and, if accepted, you pay a deposit of between 5-25%.

You will also pay a transfer fee of around 1-7% and estate agent fees of around 2-3%. Property lawyers in Dubai can guide you well over this matter.

  • Buying Property in the UAE Off-Plan

Buying off-plan has become a common way to purchase property in the UAE. Because the purchase price tends to be lower and buyers are attracted. with the prospect of flexible payment plans.

However, buyers and investors must be careful. As there are many instances of investments being lost due to the property not being completed on time. Or at all, or otherwise not being built to specification.

Final Remarks

Therefore, if you want to know more about property law in the UAE, seek legal help. Property lawyers in Dubai are the best choice in this regard. They are available all over the UAE.

They provide their services in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi as well.

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