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Legal Representatives and Public Prosecutors for Various Cases

Abu Dhabi Lawyers are capable of dealing with several dispute cases. They offer independent facilities to provide attainable results for each customer. Seek help from them when the issue arises as they have proper expertise in handling clashes.

Services delivered by Lawyers in UAE

The following services are offered by Abu Dhabi lawyers, namely:

  • Debt Assortment

Debt collection is the recovery of outstanding invoices through debtor on behalf of creditors. Their goal is to offer liable associate lawyers for debt collection Dubai who have adequate experience and full authority for collecting debts. Also, they are aware of UAE rules and regulations and provide a speedy service.

  • Bounced Cheques

Sometimes you get a cheque by an account holder and upon going to the bank to get the money you found that the cheque is bounced. This may occur due to inadequate funds, invalid Date of the Cheques, incorrect Signatures, or ambiguity in written amount. If the check holder refuses any of the above reasons then hire our associate lawyers who are skilled in handling such cases.

  • Court case & Disagreements

Many of you are suffering from criminal, employment, property, divorce, contract, etc. disputes and are afraid of legal hearings or investigation procedures. Abu Dhabi Lawyers are qualified to deal with complex and high-profile cases and provide legal advice for clients.

  • Labour & Employment Law

Labour lawyers usually handle employment or labour contract infringement, joint business, family-owned business, or women’s rights in a company. They provide services such as legal advice, research, examine previous cases and conscripting contracts or claims

  • Family Law

Family lawyers and legal consultants are experts in managing family disputes and provide legal advice where needed. It is highly recommended to have Family lawyers in Dubai. They draft mutual agreements to avoid and control the occurrence of disputes in the future. Preserve the value of your business and make sure to resolve problems in earlier stages.

  • Real estate Property

Legal consultants and lawyers in Dubai are experienced and passionate and have a broad knowledge of local property and real estate laws. Moreover, they have a legal knowledge of real estate that is necessary for providing equity.


Law firms in Abu Dhabi have an experienced team that can manage all of the above cases under one umbrella. They assist you in the finest conceivable way and deliver you with broad licit advice.

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