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In several countries lawyers and practitioners practice in a specific area of Qatar it is not necessary to hire a lawyer for your case, even you can present your case by yourself. The legal proceedings take place in Arabic so you will hire a translator. Despite it you have to hire a professional lawyer for your case, who knows the legal proceedings of the court, since he is best suited to acknowledge the complexity of the case.

Lawyers in Qatar association came in to being in 2007 until now ministry of justice has the responsibility to regulate the access of legal practitioners. A Qatar citizen having a relevant degree and professional experience of 2 years can practice, however having experience less than that is called a trainee.

International law firms are allowed to practice in Qatar upon a special application. A licensed is granted to practice in special areas based upon their previous international experience for five year. License is renewable after 5 years.

Qatar Law Liberalization

Qatar is a liberal country when we talk about rules and procedures regarding civil law, however their neighboring countries like Bahrain, Oman and U.A.E has restrain itself from it.

Although Qatar is a civil law jurisdiction, the Sharia law judges family matters, inheritance lawsuits and criminal cases. On the other hand Qatar allows its women to drive which shows Qatar intend towards human equality. Qatar give right of vote to women in the recent time. Now women’s are working on senior posts in public offices. Qatar has empowered women to work in offices.

Judicial system of Qatar has change a lot in the recent past. Before this Qatar has a dual judicial system comprised of Sharia and Civil law but now both these systems are merged to work together.

Applicants have the right to disagree with the decision of the courts and they can appeal in the appeal courts of Qatar. Last and the most important is the Court of Cessation, which is the court of final appeal for all lawsuits.


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