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Labour and Employment issues are faced with every kind of business. From retailers to the manufacturing sector, the variety of labor in the UAE is unique and requires special consideration and care. UAE Labour laws offer abundant provisions for the defense of labor rights and every employer must observe them while conducting daily operations of the business. Our labour lawyers in Dubai advise and offer services for numerous types of clients on diverse issues including:

  • UAE Immigration Visa,
  • Employment Visa cancellation, Issuance and its Renewal,
  • Wrongful Termination, Arbitrary Dismissals

Unpaid Salary, End of Service Benefits, Compensations:

Whether your motives for dismissing an employee are based on work performance,  or due to downsizing, or for another reason, following the proper termination measures are necessary to avoid legal matters. We deal with the company that is unable to follow the contract and  impose legal obligations in order to give the affected party its proper right

Employment and Termination policies and decisions,

Employment contracts drafting:

In the drafting of contact, our skilled layers consider every minute aspect related to employer and employee in order to conclude the contract with mutual consent of both parties. We consider such factors like When is it appropriate to use a contract, How may a  contract be terminated, How may a  contract be renewed, What if an employer wants to terminate the contract early, What if an employee wants to dismiss the contract early, What happens if the limited term contract contains a notice period, How is end of service gratuity planned under  contract, where the employer terminates the contract

  • Interpretation of Obligatory Employment Laws, gratuity,
  • Collective Bargaining,
  • Human rights and equity issues,
  • Judicial reviews

Labour Lawyers in Dubai and UAE, Apart from the persons affected by Labour decisions we also counsel large corporations and companies on management of Labour issues which can ultimately lead to damage to reputation. Labour market is full of complications and with the promotion of new technologies these obstacles are sure to increase, freelancing, outsourcing, and numerous such business tactics have become popular due to such developments which are lessening the cost of business but on the other hand leading to severe lawful repercussions which require careful study of international laws and codes of ethics. Our legal experts deliver the best services to our clients in confronting Labour and employment disputes, saving costs and a better relationship with their employees and consumers. Over the years we have learned that pre-emption is the best remedy for legal problems as it can avoid conflicts from rising during initial stages. We guide our clients so that they can attain regulatory compliance rendering to UAE Labour Laws in providing the finest facilities and services for their employees and Labour. Our Labour Lawyers is a best for your Labour & Employment Disputes. We all understand this reality when there would be more alternatives then there would be more disagreement, whether it is Financial or Employment. Our Labour & Employment Lawyers in Dubai cover and manage the Employment Disputes by proposing result-oriented legal services. Our Labour & Employment Lawyers practising has helped a large number of individuals and businesses in their Legal Requirements regarding Labour & Employment matters. You can grab the details just by visiting our website.

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