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Labor and Immigration Ban Status in the UAE

The country of United Arab Emirates puts order and security on a pedestal. There are two terms most people usually stay away from when they are in the UAE, labor ban and immigration ban. Immigration lawyers in Dubai can help you keep you away from such bans.

  • What is Labor Ban?

In UAE, a labor ban is commonplace in the world of employees and employers since they are the ones involved in such a situation. An employee may experience a labor ban if they resigned from the company they are working in. Or they end their limited contract without finishing the stated term there.

  • What is Immigration Ban?

Immigration bans are imposed on those people who did something against the UAE’s laws. When a person has this type of ban, he or she cannot enter the country nor have a residency visa there. It means that ex-pats who have an immigration ban cannot work and reside in the UAE as per immigration lawyers in Dubai.

  • Labor Ban Status Removal

There are a couple of ways for employees to remove their labor ban status in the UAE. It doesn’t matter if the employer requested. Or it came from the Ministry of Labour itself because there is hope.

  • Immigration Ban Status Removal

If cases were filed against a person and were proven to be guilty of them. There is a small chance that the immigration ban can be removed or lifted. There are instances when an immigration ban in the UAE can be imposed on someone who hasn’t even set foot in the UAE.

To Finalize

Therefore, if you want to keep yourself away from these bans, seek legal help. Immigration lawyers in Dubai are the best choice in this regard. They are available in Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi too.
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