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Know About the Entry Permits of the UAE

Entry permits for any state depend on various common and uncommon factors and reasons. The entry permits can either be easy or difficult for you to acquire due to these reasons. However, you can make it easy and simple for you to avail them by the legal assistance of an immigration lawyer in Dubai.

Factors on which Entry Permits Depend

Below are some factors on which the acquisition and type of entry permits of the UAE depend.

  • Purpose

Entry permits vary in purpose and duration. Certain entry permits commence the process of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE, including employment entry permits, property-owners’ entry permits. Moreover, there are entry permits for dependent family members of eligible UAE residents, and entry permits for study.

  • Validity

An immigration lawyer in Dubai would not let you confuse the validity of an entry permit with the duration of authorized stay in the UAE. The validity of the entry permit refers to the period within which the entry permit must be used for entry. For entry permits that allow individuals to obtain a residence permit, the duration of stay refers to the period within which the residence permit process must be completed.

  • Duration

The duration of stay refers to the period during which the individual is permitted to stay within the UAE after arrival. The authorized duration printed on the front of the entry permit does not always correspond with the general instructions printed on the reverse of each entry permit.


Therefore, if you want to acquire the entry permit of the UAE, it is better to seek this knowledge beforehand. Moreover, it is advised to have the legal assistance of an immigration lawyer in Dubai. They are available for you all over the UAE including, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

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