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Sponsoring Family with Legal Case?

Understanding Different Types of Legal Cases

Legal cases are those resolved by courts or alternative legal processes governed by a country’s legal system. There are primarily two categories of legal cases: civil and criminal, each involving an accuser or plaintiff and a defendant.

Civil Cases: Lawsuits and Settlements

A civil case, commonly known as a lawsuit, is initiated when a plaintiff files a complaint against another party in court. The plaintiff alleges harm or wrongdoing by the defendant and seeks a resolution, often in the form of monetary compensation, injunctions, or other remedies.

The presiding judge decides the outcome, determining whether the plaintiff’s claim is valid and what solution is appropriate. In some jurisdictions, arbitration is preferred for resolving certain cases quickly and cost-effectively, bypassing lengthy trial processes.

Criminal Cases: Accusations and Legal Defense

Criminal cases involve accusations of criminal activity. These cases can extend from months to years, depending on the complexity and evidence presented. A criminal defense lawyer plays a vital role in representing the accused.

In some legal systems, plea bargains are an option. This allows the defendant to negotiate with the prosecutor, possibly pleading guilty or no contest in exchange for reduced charges or a less severe sentence.

The Role of GDRFA in the UAE

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) oversees the regulation of foreign nationals in the United Arab Emirates. This organization is responsible for managing the entry and exit of international visitors and residents.

Recognized as one of the leading border and residency authorities globally, GDRFA has a significant responsibility in maintaining effective border control. They have established a reputation for excellence in service, assisting foreigners in the UAE with various legal issues and decisions based on the UAE’s laws. Their work has been instrumental in fostering positive relations with the international community in the UAE.

GDRFA’s Stance on Family Sponsorship Amidst Legal Cases

Family Sponsorship Decision by GDRFA

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Sharjah, as stated by a senior official, allows individuals with legal cases in the UAE to sponsor their families to enter the country. This decision reflects the GDRFA’s approach to family unification, even amidst legal proceedings.

Regularization and Visa Status Modification

Individuals and their families residing illegally in the UAE, or those involved in legal cases, are encouraged to regularize their family’s visa status. This process should be completed before the amnesty period’s deadline, set for October 1, 2018. Following this, individuals can address their legal issues, including settling any fines or violations. In cases of more complex legal matters, these should be pursued immediately after visa status modification.

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It’s important to note that while families can legally stay in the UAE, any ongoing criminal cases will continue to be subject to UAE law.

Enhancing Government Services Efficiency

The UAE government consistently strives to expedite its services, improving the residents’ experience. This includes reducing overcrowding at service centers by implementing electronic transactions. The systems are regularly updated for efficiency and monitored to ensure continual improvement and avoid any setbacks.

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Legal Assistance for Visa Issues in Dubai
Keeping Up with UAE Law Changes

With frequent changes in UAE laws, staying informed is crucial to avoid misunderstandings. Top law firms in Dubai, like GA Lawyers and Legal Consultants, are equipped with experienced teams to provide up-to-date legal advice.

Expert legal consultation is available.

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