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How to Tackle Unsettled Invoices in the UAE

The problem of unpaid invoices can plague a business, causing a drag on cash flow. It can lead to increased interest expense for capital needed to run your business daily. Preventing non payments by instituting a set strategy can help keep your business steady debt collection Dubai agencies.

Strategies to Handle

Below are some strategies to deal with the unpaid invoices

  • Send a Friendly Reminder

Start your process of recovery by sending a friendly letter reminding your customer of the debt. Invoices do sometimes get lost in the mail or maybe overlooked in the daily rush. A friendly reminder is a way of preventing nonpayments

Moreover, it can resolve the problem of unpaid invoices quickly and efficiently, without resorting to debt recovery resources.

  • Offer a Discount for Payment

In some cases, you may wish to sweeten the deal for the customer. It can be done by offering a discount for payment within a certain number of days. This can often persuade a non-paying customer to take the better deal.

Rather than suffer calls from debt recovery Dubai agencies or other debt recovery resources.

  • Formal Collection Letter

If your customer still refuses to pay, the next in your list of debt solutions for companies should be sending a formal collection letter. It must be stating the work done, the invoice number, and the amount due. Remind your customer of the terms of the contract or sale.

So that any misunderstandings can be resolved.

  • Small Court Claims

Your county government provides a court system that allows businesses to recover unpaid accounts. It is done to a certain monetary amount through a legal process. The paperwork involved in delivering a summons to the debtor company.

You can make your invoicing process easy and understandable with the help of debt recovery Dubai agencies. They provide their services in Ajman, Fujairah, and Sharjah too.

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