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How to Deal with Unsettled Property Disputes in the UAE?

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The real estate business in the UAE is one of the essentially developing businesses. However, it faces several hardships during its progress such as delays in the handover of the property. The government of the UAE has issued multiple laws and regulations governing issues about the real estate sector.

But, Dubai lawyers will discuss only the platform where you can resolve your property disputes in UAE. Dubai Land Department (DLD) has acquainted different methods of alternative dispute resolution for resolving property disputes. Dubai lawyers can assist you well in this regard.

Ways to Solve These Disputes

Below are some effective strategies to solve incomplete disputes of property.

  • Legal Affairs Department of DLD

Dubai Law No 19 of the year 2017 governing real estate projects within the Emirate of Dubai allows property developers to cancel the SPA of defaulting buyers. Without having to obtain an order from the court. The procedure is undertaken through the assistance of the DLD online portal.

 The procedure for terminating such agreements will take around 3-4 months. And a fee of around AED 3,000 (UAE Dirhams three thousand). DLD Legal department may likewise intervene in a settlement between the developer and the defaulting buyer.

Financial specialists reserve the privilege to hold up claims under the watchful eye of the court. If any developer terminates a buyer’s project illegitimately or in dishonesty.

  • Amicable Dispute Centre of DLD

Amicable Settlement Centre of DLD seems to be one of the proficient choices. It is because the mediators or counselors in Settlement Centers are usually well versed in such a situation. Besides, they have complete access to DLD databases.

They help them to discover realities and data about the properties, activities, developers, and other data all the more productively. Settlement Centers don’t charge expenses to the parties. And doesn’t force a judgment on the gatherings yet tries to intercede.

Dubai lawyers can help you here with their explicit knowledge and skills.

  • Resolution Trust Co-operation Center

The Resolution Trust Corporate Facility center is set up for quick track recovery of slowed down real estate projects in the country. Numerous parties are moving towards Resolution Trust Corporation. It is to explain their issues and to resolve them through the experienced mediators appointed by the facility.

Final Remarks

Thus, if you want to solve your prolonged and incomplete property dispute, you should seek legal help. Dubai lawyers provide their services all over the UAE. They are present in Ajman, Sharjah, and Fujairah too.

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