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How to Acquire Long Term Residency Visa for the UAE?

Immigration to the UAE, in particular, Dubai, feels like a dream. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. Immigration lawyer in Dubai can assist you with their extensive knowledge and skills throughout the procedure.

The 5-year UAE visa is another attractive opportunity for many aspiring individuals. Moreover, it is an attractive chance for firms to make their mark in this new direction that the country is taking. Fulfilling the required criteria can help them execute their new and long-term ventures in Dubai.

  • Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs

Real estate investors need to have a property investment of at least 5 million AED. Moreover, they are required to contain clauses similar to the general investors applying for the 10-year visa. Entrepreneurs, however, need to have ownership of a project that is worth a minimum of 500,000 AED.
They should also have the accreditation certificates that allow them to apply for the 5-year UAE visa. Entrepreneurs can upgrade their visas to investor visas and they can also apply for a 6-month validity entry visa. This allows them to have multiple entrances and can be extended by another six months.

The purpose of the latter visa is to give them enough time to set up a project or arrange investments.

  • Outstanding Students

Outstanding students are also eligible for the 5-year visa. They need a minimum of 95% in secondary school for the eligibility criterion. Moreover, it must be accompanied by a distinction of a 3.75 GPA after graduation from a recognized university.

If you find any trouble with applying for immigration, the immigration lawyers in Dubai can help you with the legal procedure.

  • Visa for Ex-Pats

The 5-year retirement visa is for ex-pats who are over the age of 55 provided that they meet certain parameters. This visa offering is part of the UAE residential policy and is effective from 2019 onwards. Apart from being above the age of 55, applicants need to have a minimum of 1 million AED in savings.

Final Remarks

Therefore, if you want to apply for long-term visas in Dubai, you should go for any of the three above mentioned options. However, if you find any step intricate, you may hire legal assistance from immigration lawyers in Dubai.

They provide their services in all the states of the UAE including Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, etc.

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