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Getting Official Labour Contract in the UAE

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Labour lawyers in Dubai deal with all the matters related to the workplace and workers. These are the legal entities that are familiar with the regulations of the UAE and deal with the matter accordingly. They are responsible for providing legal services in all emirates of UAE.

People moving to the UAE to earn a living and settle there with their families can get the service of legal consultants. As the emirates of UAE are governed by Sharia, Civil, and Federal laws so it is difficult for expatriates to get aware of the regulations which are applicable to them without the assistance of legal entities.

 Registration for Official Labour Contract

People working in UAR must register their employment contracts and get a copy official labour contract from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. The employer should get the copy on the behalf of the worker and if they fail to do so, employees can get it on their own.

However, the employment contract and offer letter may include some additional clauses as compared to the official labour contract. In case of any added terms and conditions are drafted in the labour contract, and then subsequent conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The legal documents should not violate     the public order of UAE, labour law, and other relevant policies
  • The agreement clauses should not     decrease the rights of employees as per the law of the UAE

To avoid these mistakes, it is always recommended to get the assistance of employment lawyers in Dubai as they are well aware of the UAE legislation. Moreover, if there is any amendment in the employment contract then the official labour contract should also get updated by referring to the concerned department

 What is an Official Labour Contract?

Most often, the terms labour contract and official labour contract are confused. The difference is clear is the official labour contract is issued by governing bodies whereas the labour contract is drafted and written by employment lawyers in Dubai.

The Official Labour Contract covers the elements of the employee-employer relationship. The commencement date of the contract, nature of the contract, the basic salary of the employee, job title annual leaves, profit sharing, bonus, and other special conditions are also listed in this contract.

 Wrapping up the Context 

Whether you want to register a labour contract o you are looking for a legal entity to assist you in getting your legal rights, employment lawyers in Dubai are always there to assist you. They can support you under the legal umbrella in Sharjah, Ajman, and other areas of UAE.

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