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Get Familiar with the Immigration Policies of UAE

Immigration lawyers in Dubai are the legal service providers who are authorized to provide legit services to people migrating to and from UAE. Whether you are located in Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, or any other emirate, advocates and consultants would always be there to assist you.

Immigration Law of UAE

Federal Law No. 6 of 1973 Concerning Immigration and Residence is considered to be the major law governing all the matters related to immigration requirements and conditions. At the ministerial level, Ministerial Resolution No. 360 of 1997 and multiple other rules and regulations are available.

Getting a visa for establishing a company, doing a job, pursuing studies, and moving with a family is different which must be attained by following legal practices. To complete the paperwork and other relevant procedures, immigration lawyers in Dubai are proven to be helping hand

In various emirates of the UAE free zones are established to facilitate the foreign and emirate investors. The immigration approach for free zones is the same as other areas of the UAE. However, business owners are required to complete the prerequisites beforehand.

Immigration Authorities 

The government body responsible for providing visas to foreigners entering UAE is known to be GDFRA. The offices of these authoritative entities are located in all emirates of UAE to assist people. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs supervises work permits in UAE

From generating the receipt to processing the requests, acceptance or denial of applications, visa cancellation, amendments, and executions are carried out by this entity. Prosecution and adjudication of immigration offenses are also governed by officials from this department

Wrapping up the Context

Immigration lawyers in Dubai are often hired by the expatriates wishing to move to UAE. These legal entities ensure that you are following the right practices and completing the visa requirements on time.

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