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Facing a Labor Ban? Discover the Steps to Overcome It

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Expatriates residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) would be wise to acquaint themselves with UAE labor laws in order to ensure they are following the correct path. The UAE is known for its strict enforcement of the law, making it imperative to be well-informed about the regulations and adhere to them if you intend to prolong your stay in the country.

Familiarity with the UAE Labor Ban is commonplace among expats who are either contemplating employment or currently employed by a company in the UAE. It is crucial to have an understanding of this type of ban before committing to an employment contract. It is important to grasp the repercussions of this law should you find yourself dissatisfied with the working conditions at a prospective employer.

What Does a UAE Labour Ban Entail?

To put it plainly, a labour ban is enforced on individuals who fail to meet their employment obligations in accordance with their contractual agreements within a company. As a result of this ban, an individual may face the consequence of being ineligible to work in the UAE for a period of six months to one year. Nonetheless, it is important to note that despite this ban, they retain the right to reside in the country, distinguishing it from an immigration ban.

What Causes a Labor Ban?

A labor ban is typically imposed on individuals who fail to adhere to the terms of their contractual agreements with their employers, particularly in cases involving limited contracts. There are two primary situations that can lead to a labor ban:

  • An employee enters into a limited contract with a company but resigns during the contract’s duration for reasons that are not legally justifiable.
  • An employee enters into a limited contract with a company, but the employer terminates their employment for reasons that are legally justifiable.

In both of these scenarios, an automatic six-month ban is usually imposed on the employee. Additionally, employers can request a six-month extension to the ban from their side, resulting in a total ban duration of one year. This means that individuals must wait for a full year before they can legally engage in employment within the UAE.

Ways to Remove a Labor Ban in the UAE in 2019

In 2019, three established methods exist for lifting a labor ban swiftly, enabling you to resume employment in the country without prolonged delays.

Elevated Credentials

To alleviate a ban, consider securing a job that grants you a favorable standing within a company while providing an enhanced salary package. Qualifications vary depending on professional tiers, which encompass the subsequent categories: 1st professional tier:

  1. Possession of a Bachelor’s degree certification with a corresponding AED 12,000 salary
  2. 2nd professional tier: Possession of a College diploma certification with a corresponding AED 7,000 salary
  3. 3rd professional tier: Possession of a High school diploma certification with a corresponding AED 5,000 salary.

Companies in Free Zones or Government Organizations

This approach is widely regarded as the primary method for having your ban lifted. If you secure employment with a company located within a UAE free zone or within a government entity, your ban can be nullified.
Nevertheless, it is essential to inform the HR department about your circumstances and the necessary steps to ensure the successful removal of your ban.

Mutual Agreement

In the event of a mutual agreement between both parties (employer and employee) to terminate the contract, a ban may be lifted or not imposed. When both parties concur on cancellation, the imposition or lifting of a ban is contingent upon their agreement.

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Top Lawyers in Dubai for Labour Disputes

A gentle reminder: The information provided above serves as a reference for individuals encountering such circumstances for the first time, including expatriates in the UAE facing similar predicaments. It’s important to note that if you find yourself in a situation involving a labor ban, it is advisable to seek legal counsel in Dubai. While the above information offers a general overview of labor bans, it may not necessarily apply to every conceivable scenario, as various circumstances can arise.

In the UAE, labor disputes are a common occurrence, where employers and employees often find themselves in conflict, regardless of who bears responsibility. This situation can be challenging for both parties involved.

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