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Managing Unpaid Debts: All You Need

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Debt recovery Dubai becomes inevitable whenever a payment is missed on a credit card or loan. Normally, companies or banks give debtors 30 days after the due date, and then it is reported to related agencies and institutions for further action. During this period of 30 days, the debtor is being contacted at regular intervals about the payment of outstanding dues. This is the best time for any person to get in touch with the creditor and take them in confidence about the return of debts.

Debtors can take advantage of this occasion to plan and agree on a payback solution for their convenience. Otherwise, this can become a lost opportunity for them if they think they will not be able to return the debts in time. As soon as this 30-day deadline comes to an end, the company or department dealing with this debt will mark it down as unpaid debt. Then, after another 180 days without payment of debts, the creditor usually writes off the debt and sells it to debt collection agencies.

They professionally handle debt collection on delinquent accounts and speed up the process of debt recovery with their trusted methodologies. Before the transfer of debt to a debt collection agency, the creditor informs the debtor about the unpaid debt and also tells the agency to start the process on its behalf.

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