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Even Employment opportunities for Citizens in Dubai

The employees will enjoy more leaves and comparatively less working hours as per new UAE Labor law.

Opportunities for employees in Dubai

Keeping in view the amendment in the latest labor law, employee will face the below benefits in Dubai;

  • They can enjoy the flexible less working hours.
  • The employees will be paid for working extra time and furthermore, the condition of working for whole 40 hours per week will get flexible as well.
  • The employees will receive intermittent bonuses.
  • They will be able to exercise innovative practices of induction and other techniques and isolated work practice will be permitted as well.

Other benefits will also be provided which will be developed to the determined employees under UAE Labor law so that they can work more determined towards their task. They will be provided less working hours if required as well all the way via medical approval. In order to get support from labor lawyers UAE, we are here to support our customers.

 Attractive, affordable and living standards

  1. Their emphasis will be on Emiratisation in the government agencies.
  2. working women in Emirates will also receive the support
  3. Citizen’s wives from Emirates having children under age of 21 will be provided stipends.
  4. Foreign employee’s families and children under 21 will be given stipend as well

 Educational expenses

In order to meet educational requirements of kids, they will be granted 5 paid leaves. They will be convoyed of acquiring the training that will be related to modern field after graduation.

Advantages for the determined people:

  • If it is mandatory, they will get minimized working hours.
  • They will also allowed special 5 leaves.
  • In case of employment, they will be prioritized.

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