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Do’s and Don’ts to Know before Coming to Dubai

Are you coming to Dubai? For living or for a visit? Let us tell you the main rules that you need to follow if you are coming to Dubai.

There are many things that you should be doing and many things that you need to cover on all the bases if you want to live in Dubai. We are going to mention to you the points that you need to follow and some things that you definitely do not need to do at any cost.

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Do follow the Sharia Law

Dubai Is an Islamic country, so you need to strictly follow Sharia Law. If you do insult any of the citizens you will end up paying the fines and imprisonment.

 Do dress sensationally and respectfully

 You need to dress completely like women are guided to dress properly when they are out in Dubai not too much skin show is allowed.

Do not drink and drive

You need to take a taxi directly from the hotel to the nightclub. You can’t drink and walk on the roads this can give you a lot of trouble.

Be aware of the closing and opening times of the shop

Friday is considered a holiday in Dubai and Saturday also you need to check the shop and other times to go there.

Be cautious while crossing a road 

You need to be on the walking lines and crossing lines if you want to cross the roads. If you do cross the roads anywhere you are going to be fined directly.

Do be respectful of Emirati Women

You need to respect Emirati women. Whatever you can’t hit on any women standing there. This could give you a lot of trouble with all the costs surely.

Don’t wear swim wears away from the beach

You are only allowed to wear swimsuits and bikinis near the beaches of Dubai.

Don’t display affection in public  

You aren’t allowed to take extra pictures of the people hanging out in the mall. You are strictly prohibited to do this. You could be given a fine for taking the pictures without consent.

Don’t lose your temper

You need to be extra careful while you don’t lose your temper and try to fight with anyone on the roads. This isn’t strictly prohibited.

Don’t take photographs of the government building

You aren’t allowed to take photographs of the public buildings. You need to be sure of taking pictures of any of the government buildings.

Don’t take drugs 

You aren’t allowed to take the drugs as this wouldn’t be tolerated by the government and you would be strictly out of Dubai in no time.

Don’t eat or drink during Ramadan 

As this is a Muslim country. You aren’t allowed to eat or drink during Ramadan. As this is strictly prohibited.

So these is all the main points that you need to follow and keep that in your mind always before going to Dubai. As this needs to be followed at any cost.

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