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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

If you are facing a criminal investigation or considering pursuing a perpetrator in UAE, then can provide expert legal advice and representation. Our criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience and have successfully handled numerous criminal cases. We represent clients in police stations, UAE Courts of First Instance, Courts of Cassation, Courts of Appeal, and the UAE Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Al Ain.

Under the UAE Penal Code, crimes are categorized as felonies, violations or contraventions, and misdemeanors. Punishments can include fines, penalties, custody, confinement, Diyat (financial compensation to heirs of victim or the victim), temporary or life imprisonment, and even the death penalty. Our criminal defense lawyers have a deep understanding of criminal prosecution and police investigations, and we strive to achieve the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.

We understand that being involved in a criminal process can be stressful and can impact your employment and personal life. We have provided legal support and guidance to clients who have never faced prosecution or investigation before, and we can identify ways to mitigate any negative impact. Our firm has also handled complex and high-profile cases, which makes us qualified to handle legal matters of any size and complexity.

At, we provide legal advice and representation to individuals and organizations under criminal investigation or considering pursuing a perpetrator. Our criminal defense lawyers in UAE are experienced in handling various types of criminal cases, ranging from financial crimes to cybercrimes.

Our experts provide legal assistance to clients under investigation for financial crimes, including money laundering, fraud, bribery, and corruption. We also offer consultancy services for financial crime prevention, such as whistleblowing, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and bribery.
Our criminal lawyers offer representation for drug-related crimes, including drug possession, personal consumption, drug dealing, and drug trafficking. The use of banned or controlled medicinal substances is illegal in the UAE.
Our seasoned professionals can analyze cases, offer expert advisory, and prepare defense strategies accordingly. We handle cases with vigor and tenacity, including manslaughter, assault, homicide, and kidnapping.
We defend and advise on all types of charges related to theft crime in the UAE, including simple theft and aggravated theft. Convicted aggravated theft or armed robbery may result in fines, probation, and/or imprisonment without appropriate legal representation.
Our experienced criminal attorneys defend charges of unwanted sexual behavior, including deportation (for expats), fines, imprisonment, and even death penalty.
We provide clients with the expertise of qualified and experienced attorneys in getting a good understanding of juvenile crime cases. Our goal is to aim for complete case dismissal for juvenile crimes.
Our criminal defense lawyers are up-to-date with technological advancements, including recent amendments to Cyber Crime legislation. We offer reliable legal aid for cybercrimes such as banking fraud, hacking, sharing objectionable content online, credit card fraud, and identity theft.
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