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Dubai is considered as one of the diverse places, where, every now and then people are coming for job opportunities. Some are already called by the companies in Dubai. The others have come to Dubai, and look in for job opportunities. It is competitive and so if you think that switching jobs in Dubai is easy, there is no chance.

The labour law in Dubai works for the protection of employee rights. Usually, the questions don’t occur to employees unless they want to change their job. At first, they want to know if they have a right to change the job any time? It is possible to change the job anytime, but then you must be able to provide one-month notice, prior to leaving the job, to get the gratuity.

Some employees want to know if their bosses can halt their next job offer? That is not true. Your employer has no right to refuse to let go you. All you need is to tell him one month in advance so that he shall look for another employee.

Employees want to know about their gratuity. According to the Dubai labour law, the gratuity is paid upon the termination of the job, if he has worked in the company for at least a year. If the employee was on probation period or worked in the company less than six months, he will not be granted any gratuity.

As per your visa, your employer shall transfer or cancel the sponsorship within a month of termination. In the end, the employee must sign the final settlement in which it is stated that you have received everything in a legal way before they can cancel your residence visa and labour ID card (if required). That makes sure that the employee has no complaints from the employers.

It is possible that you have to leave the country before you can start another job in Dubai.

Though the labour lawyers can help you where you don’t have to leave the country for the new position and it is expensive too.

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