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Can You Resolve Construction Disputes in Dubai?

It is important to resolve construction disputes. Although in some cases it seems impossible to resolve prolonged disputes, corporate lawyers in Dubai can make it impossible for you. If the disputes do not get resolved, they will result in the termination of the contract which will not be beneficial for both parties.

Hence, it is recommended to seek legal help before it gets too late. This can help you to save the contracts that are at stake due to construction disputes. Moreover, it can protect your face in the market as well.

Some Beneficial Ways

The construction disputes should be resolved as soon as possible for it is important to save the binding contract of both parties. In addition to that, it protects your reputation in the business world. Below are some effective and affective ways to resolve construction disputes.

·         Mediation

A third party is involved in the matter according to the mediation clause. It is done to mediate the process so that the dispute can get resolved as soon as possible. It is important to note that there is no connection to the court in case of mediation. It is a very effective way of resolving disputes.

·         Expert Determination

Expert determination can be used as an alternative to mediation. Sometimes, the opinion of an expert is required. The disputes are then solved by considering the expert determination.

This is a less time-consuming procedure and saves your efforts. If the parties are looking for a solution that takes less time and solves the problem as well, they can go for expert determination easily. The corporate lawyers in Dubai can help you with this procedure.

·         Arbitration

A neutral third party generally presents in this method. The role of this third party will be to resolve the problem as they have a great experience in it. The arbitrator then checks all the documents and the situation to come up with a decision.

Note that the decision taken by the arbitrator will take the side of one party. Therefore, you have to accept the decision by the arbitrator. If you don’t, you will eventually be answered to the higher authorities.

To Conclude

Thus, whenever you decide to resolve a construction dispute, seek legal assistance. It is recommended to hire corporate advocates in Dubai for the best services. They provide their services in all the emirates of the UAE, such as Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, etc.

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