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Can You Leave the UAE without Paying Bank Loans?

When you get stuck in a lot of bank loans and all of a sudden you get this idea of leaving the country once and for all. However, this article is a piece of information for you if you are thinking to do any kind of thing in this regard. You need to get in touch with immigration lawyer in Dubai for the legal matters of this domain.

They have credible expertise and vast knowledge about all the happenings in the rule of the law. Moreover, they are updated about the rule of the law as well.

Things to Know

Below are a few points you need to know before you take any legal steps. Moreover, you need to know them so you can stay out of trouble. Moreover, it is suggested to take legal assistance before any bad thing happens.

·         Legal Pursuit

There will be a legal and judicial prosecution using debt collection companies and law firms that communicate with banks in the fugitive’s country. Along with that, there will be an investigation and pursuit of this case by INTERPOL.

·         No Return to the UAE

The fugitive borrower will not be able to return to the UAE. This means he or she will be banned for a lifetime to visit or settle in the UAE. You can know more about it from the immigration lawyers in Dubai.

·         Blacklisted

The fugitive borrower’s name may be blacklisted. It will make it difficult for him to obtain any loan facilities from other banks. This is also going to cost him a big fortune for it involves the law now.

To Finalize

Therefore, if you want to know more about these points, you need to contact immigration lawyers in Dubai. They are available all over the UAE for your legal support and help. Moreover, they provide their services in Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi as well whenever or wherever you need them.

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