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Basic Steps for Acquiring Visa for the UAE

Visa is the most important thing to do to enter any new state or country, which is obvious and common information. There are certain necessities and requirements that you need to fulfill to apply for a visa in the UAE. Immigration lawyers in Dubai can help you compile the paperwork and help you apply for the visa at the right time.

Steps for the Visa

The following are the required documents when applying for a UAE visa. These are the basic requirements. Make sure you complete them before you get into migrating to the other country for personal or official purposes.

Clear Scanned Passport copy

The first and foremost requirement for applying for a visa is a lucid and scanned copy of your passport. It must include the bio page and the last page. Moreover, it needs to have at least six months of validation.

Visa Fee

The other important requirement is to submit the visa fee. It is important to know that the procedure of your visa application cannot be completed without the submission of your visa fee. The immigration lawyers in Dubai can help you with their credible experience here.

They can do it at the right time and the right place for you to save your time and to keep you from future troubles.

Accomplished Application Form

An accomplished application form is highly significant for the procedure to keep going. It is usually the sponsor such as a travel agency or the host who does this. Make sure that you add all the necessary details and attach all the documents that are required by the respective agency.

Scanned and Colored Passport Size Photo

The size of the picture requires should be 4.3 x 5.5cm. Moreover, the pictures you submit should have a white background. Also, at least 80% of your face must be visible.

To Finalize

Hence, whenever you apply for a visa in the UAE, make sure you follow these points. The immigration lawyers in Dubai are there to help you all over the UAE. They provide their services in Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and other states of the UAE as well.

This can save both your time and money. Moreover, you can keep yourself from the future troubles that you might face otherwise. These lawyers are the best choice in this regard since they can help you understand all the situations and legal possibilities.

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